On September 29, 2016, Sergiusz died from an undiagnosed heart disease. He was just 28 years young and a couple weeks shy of his first wedding anniversary. One minute he was there and the next minute he was gone. He collapsed in his bedroom. Rachael, his wife, was by his side. 

Sergiusz was brilliant, had endless curiosity, and questioned everything. He was adventurous, talented, spoke a plethora of languages and had the very cutest dimples. All he wanted was to be a pioneer - to change the world for the better, with his hands in the dirt and his head in his books. He baked his own bread and was fluent in understanding the world of politics and international policy. He could have a conversation with anyone and his charisma made him a joy to be around. 

Sergiusz was a dreamer and his vision was grand. In September of 2015, he immigrated from Poland to the United States to marry Rachael, his best friend of seven years. Upon arriving to America, he detoured from his studies which had trained him for a career in politics and set his sights on becoming an organic farmer. He began to dream about owning a farm in Maine and growing food sustainably. One day he hoped to run his own restaurant and serve locally-grown ingredients while creating energy that would power his land. He dreamed of having goats so he never had to cut the grass and growing the three sisters -- beans, corn and squash -- which are native to New England. And, he thought, that perhaps after he accomplished these goals, he would return to politics and advocate for the environment. He was always learning to ensure that his dreams were realistic, but was also always one step ahead of himself, eager to do everything in the now. 

In the final hour of his life, Sergiusz wrote an email to Rachael and his father-in-law with a link to a gentleman's far in Maine. It was far outside of any budget he knew thought they would attain. The email was titled "It's Good to Dream Sometimes." Those were his final words. 

A fund has been set up in Sergiusz's honor which aims to provide grants to individuals who are looking to strengthen our world's moral fabric through intercultural and interfaith programming. The fund will be managed by Sergiusz's widow, Rachael Cerrotti, and is supported by the friends and family who believe that we can heal the world by listening to and supporting the dreams of young people.